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neil: does this ring a bell? it is still there and it is still ticking. these guys, well, they are still talking. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. forget about this latest terror threat that has a lot of our embassies closed. this keeps piling up and is a ticking timebomb do come in turn? here's what is also certain. not only washington, the congress and the ignorance of it. check this out from congressman keith ellington over the weekend
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reporter: >> the government has a right. the governmentt and the people f united the united states running the programs of thunited states. so this includes health and welfare and housing and all of the things. neil: what he is proposing paying for all of these things iludes going after his money and all of these things. including the government would levy a sales tax on stocks and bonds and that would be uncle sam wanting a in on your money. what the congressman said it's really not your goomoney, it's the government's money. for you to hold and that money and distribute it as they see fit. the robin hood is nothing on this. it's pretty much all of these
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guys. we are talking about the outraged republicans. online, another neither is addressing thecountry. each side is compounding the problem. to take a look at this spraling de clock again. isn't it time that we scream stop it? it is the threat of another government shutdown and more spending for obamacare. not under the threat of a shutdown, but to show some backbone. is now the time for that? we are talking about a billionaire thaa is devising
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hat. where is this going, steve? >> welcome offers to let me say that proposal by congressman we just heard from, that sounds more like confiscation where you are actually taking the wealth of americans and giving it to the government so they can redistribute it. >> 's we have to raise taxes. >> yes. let me just give you a couple of amazing statistics. when i came here in the early 1980s, the federal government was spending less than a trillion dollars a year. now we are spending between 3.5 and porcelli dollars a year. it's almost a quadrupling and the size of the federal budget. so nothing changes in this town. neil: two things are surprising.
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so the really big thing is making a difference. and i do want t step back and say, okay, we forget this debt clock and you can understand the tea party and the frustration, those that are elected to congress, those that helped speaker boehner become speaker boehner, and they feel that they have been sort of left at the altar and they are trying again with challenges to see a dozen of them now. more to come. what does this mean for that party? if they are just in this idea? >> welelcome one of the things i am hearing is some of e pi are saying that we have cut the budget deficit to about $600 billion this year.
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and we have cut the deficit in half. whoever thought that we were having this trillion dollar defic. to view that as progress, $600 billion a year, we are adding that to a trillion dollar debt. you're going to have a fight within the republican party about whether this is not progress and whether to get tougher on spending. the constitution gives the power of this to congress. and by the way you have a one-party veto. the house of republicans, if it decides it doesn't want to fund something, it doesn't get funded. the's a lot of power in the majority of the house. we wanted to do the health care thing health care thing and assumed th freezes everything, it seems unpredictable. do you notice better than i do. thank you. >> people are now looking at the
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house and senate, exempting themselves from obamacare and that makes people think at these guys are out of touch. neil: thank you, steve. democrats playing the same old spending game. is it time that they look at that clock? >> is i just a collective indifference? >> everyone knows what has to b done. but they don't do it. >> well, from the democratic standpoint they do believe in us. he believes what government talks about when they call for
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it the republicans lacked courage and imagination. >> you know, you could just feel what he was doing. at least he was addressing those runaway thoughts. the same measure rejected in the house for republicans or afraid to bring it up for a vote. >> there are a lot of seats and why rockhe vote? the republicans site the amina. the guys go to washington and the first thing i noticed was it's impossible outside the
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beltway come along whether you want to hear it or not. he blew one to do the right things came in and they got swallowed up. it was the last top-down model. >> from your vantage point, it you are kind of like a rags to riches story. could you have done on no? kids starting out? >> i think we need to take a step back. >> to grab hold of someone who is going there. neil: donald trump took it to a new level, what do you think
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>> think a simple building permit from, i mean if you are in new york or california, a building permit to take you a year and a half or two years. 2.5 years. sinses and the fast food industry in california, you have governor perry coming to california on a frequent-flier plan. neil: does that make a difference to guys like you? much more of a regulatory environment. >> well, they have an advantage. you know, i will tell you that i don'know of any who have left california and have been happy about that. california is a wonderful plac to be. neil: it is very expensive. >> yes, it is, but i was born and raised there and there is still some fighting. neil: it is a different environment. picking your brain, we are told
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this is actually a bargain basement price. it follows on the hee of big-name publications being sold off on the cheap. the boston globe, "the new york times", being sold for the price. exactly. >> but what is happening here? >> i think it's interesting. he has never yelled out that this is what happened. he sells books for a iving. it is respected, it is derived and cursed and praised.
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neil: is there something about him? but this is a force of the new information age? >> i cannot speak r jack. i thik that the reason that i am here is the things that i've learned coming back to my home. neil: what bothers me is guys who say they want no part of
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this and then some of our finest minds said the heck with it. the least you guys know how to look at a ledger. >> i think there are a lot o ways to serve. i don't want to take us this away from anybody who has decided us. neil: when you look at this, two or $3 blion in this country. >> we were people divided at the end of the daywe can pretend we are having this fight. but we are not. most of the rld would be quite happy to take whatever they could from us. not cooperating with one another. in that time has to come to an
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end of if we are both going to be able to right the ship. the idea that the republic and the government doesn't work. i think it is more a reflection of the people going there and not necessarily the system itself. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. neil: next, , customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades.
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neil: don't say my friend the judge did not warn you. e real threat to our security, judge napolitano played exactly that way. exactly as he saw it. surveillance critics all but lenced american embassies that remain shut down. the excuse to keep doing the unreal, spying on e-mail, phone
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calls, you name it. the judge has had enough of that. sure enough to your point, judge, no one was talking about this being cowered into a corner. >> we have been cowered into a corner. the nsa, the prosecution of edwards noted for leaking to a journalist, it has leaked to journalists and members of congress in order to conduct a pr campaign about what a great job. so how can it be criminal for edwards noted but not for the people to leak otherwise? neil: yes he is responsible for this chatter that we are getting now. we didn't have these surveillance programs and so we must be using the same means.
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>> unless this is some sort of exaggerated effort, do you think that is what is going on? >> i think we thought that as well. >> so because the middle east will always give you reasons for this. >> of course. and you can only say that that they'll they did not ring reuters reported that they have asked the internet service providers for passwords and we
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really think we are safer when the government has our password? is that day, what are they going to ask for next? this is a dangerous slippery slope that we learned that the nsa is sharing some spy secrets with one person and the federal government. it is absolutely prohibited from doing that. law-enforcement is taking information swept up by the nsa in deciding who to pick and choose presidt obama has quarterbacked the most massive run around the constitution at the federal level.
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he is trying to take cdit for it and is obviously unconcerned with the violation of our civil liberties would just keep coming. it admits giving secrets from the nsa, they dmitted that this morning. in response to a query from fox news. neil: judge, thank you so much. a deadly silence today. is this high-tech millionaire is this high-tech millionaire already making [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. ah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan,
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we have a little bit more privacy and security concerns. neil: okay, do you think that this is sort of the emergence of a new wave of these type of active and proactive multimillionaires and billionaires who are now just not passive viewers? >> we are really seeing the tech industry, age in the grand scheme of things. the tech industry is still pretty young industry. >> if you look at the political contributions, microsoft employees are one of the biggest
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donors to barack obama's campaign. silicon valley has a big agenda in front of washington dc. and on offshore corpote profits. other big issue with a want things to go their way. neil: one of the things they talked about as he was a little bit rough around he edges, chris christie and that mark zuckerberg admired him. >> well, i think that the ceos and business leaders all over will be supporting candidates who stand up and try to do the right thing. so i'm not sure t's as much about politics as policy and we need to engage and make sure
11:27 pm
that we are driving the right policy in a nonpartisan way. i think that they have been too reticent to speak out for what has been good for our economy and business. neil: it could also boomerang. >> there is always a political risk where they could end up not supporting where you stand on an issue. neil: okay, meanwhile, the amazon boss rocking the entire media industry. but first alexander rodriguez and others. others are getting ay with it as we speak. h do we know this still isn't going on but more prevalent? three there were 50,000 various
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neil: this is not a batting average. is is how many games that a-rod is suspended for. 211. enhancing a crime of performance-enhancing drugs. okay, do you have more creative ways of deceiving folks? >> in my days there were 50,000 combinations of anabolic steroids. where were a molecule can be added or dropped, it is still an anabolic steroid but it will be out there. neil: in other words, the more the mouse trap, smarter the rat.
11:32 pm
the mousetraps are better hidden now. so what do you think, doctor? >> anabolic steroids are about 10 a hundred times more powerful than testosterone that our bodies make. these build muscle and they only last a few dys at the map. if you knew a test was coming, you like the cream off and then you stop taking the pills. so let's take that as an example. if it's random, you could actlly block the excretion of these steroids by using either cortisone or estrogen or a drug called probenecid, which we use for doubt.
11:33 pm
neil: you your gross me out, but what you are saying is that they are probably going to find ways around this. >> absolutely. you can also mask your urine. neil: so you're saying that they are more clever? >> they are definitely more club clever. there are a lot of people out there that are still using this if someone like a player like a-rod, they could have joins, jt problems and bone problems and they start to say, wait a
11:34 pm
minute, it's not proof, but it issuspicious for long-term use of steroids. it causes cancer, it's a terrible thing. these guys are not role models. neil: thank you very much, doctor. well, coming up next, this will saw that has actually been good for the sport according to some people. steve phillips says the related delayed response is only hurt sports. okay, so you are saying golden opportunity. is that right? >> major league baseball, the commissioner's office could not unilaterally implement drug testing. but this isn't good for baseball.
11:35 pm
it's a bad day for baseball. the black cloud is starting to rain a little bit. we may be moving a little bit closer to a cleaner playing field. but this is not a good day. i don't care how much publicity. it's not good. >> now we have these guys, we have them on the run, problem solved. >> it would be better if it di't happen. but it is an opportunity to really set the standard and explained to her children. there are consequences for doing the wrong thing. neil: so now you hear about the baseball commissioner is not acting on these earlier threats.
11:36 pm
someone talk to them and said, we are going nowhere legally fast. what does that mean? >> process is flawed. baseball may be took the wrong road initially, but clearly they are sending a message that if he heats there are consequences and it is such a great opportunity for dads and moms to talk to their children about doing the rit thing. what tey have is baseball backing them up. it makes being a parent and teaching kids about the right thing to do. in the long run it will be a good thing for baseball. neil: baseball will back him up only when they are backed into a corner >> it's a credibility problem.
11:37 pm
but what your perception of baseball is and what the facts are, baseball has the strongest drug testing policy in all professional sports. that's right, it there is no question about that. football is still trying to get to that place. every time there is a positive test, we don't even pay attention to t the facts belie what the perception is. neil: but the stands are still
11:38 pm
full. >> theircredibility is hurting and they really have to come out the consequences -- the definitive for the consequences. many say that is bad for publicity, they have to come out and be definitive that this is the wrong thing to do if you are a professional athlete. neil: they agree, but they are taking steps right now. perhaps too late. perhaps too slow. but we believe that they are doing the right thing. neil: i want to thank you guys. right now we do know that a-rod is appealing and he is ready to play ball. anyway, america fouund out about this on the internet. we will have that story next. and who cares about the apple samsung dispute?
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telling the rest of the world all about it
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neil: just check this out. a quarter 80 billion of his own dollars, according to "the washington post." betting big on him making money, what you think? >> 250 million just on the face of this idustry. but i think it's a good idea for him. he understands something has to be different
11:42 pm
the newspaper is still stuck in the 19th century. neil: it's like aa toxic atmosphere, owning a newspaper could they run into the same thing? >> absolutely. >> this is "the washington post" that no doubt has a bunch of buyers. neil: that make sense with
11:43 pm
barack obama. because why would they like to get apple in that long legal back-and-forth. so here is something, should we continue actually praising the fact that the president could do that? said this is misguided. what you think about that? >> good fothe white house. saint-saens copied the iphone and the ipod. something called the power to veto. that is what our country is doing. neil: we have never done it before, so this is a first to keep in mind that other countries would do the same to us. i have no problem with this. nothing realy changes. i think the two g. and the 3-g, they don't even sell it anymore. i think that this is a great move that we are showing some strength. il: gary, you always throw
11:44 pm
these facts out. what e to make of this? >> welcome i understand what he is saying and he is right on the fact that i don't think the president obama did it for this fact, but because apple gave him $300,000 to gereelected the plaster. neil: that is a cynical and jaded view. >> samsung only gave $750 to the election campaign. he is from chicago and gary would agree with me on that. neil: gentlemen, i wish we had more time. at this time we do not. in the meantime, remember when mitt romney was thebutt of all jokes? it turns out that he is now having the last laugh. late-night comics are ribbing him now.
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neil: president obama's approval rating has dropped eight points down to 25%,than a year and a half. he tracked down whose approval he has lost, track thedown using e-mail address and phone records. personally tracking them down. >> i don't want him tapping my phone. >> in fact it was just announced that president obama will meet up with a group of americans about the white house surveillance program.
11:49 pm
>> president obama held a press conference today and said he still wants to close the guantánamo bay facility but he doesn't know how to do it. he's doing what he always does, decled a small business and t it out of its misery. e. neil: you notice something they are? who was the butt of those jokes, late-night hosts are going full throttle. george and its ominent democrats are a good thing. i can understand the anthony wiener's and going after delaunay spitzer is. >> when there are bad times, but it's good to have some laughs.
11:50 pm
neil: i fully agree that. >> we just can't allow new guys. >> why do you think things changed? what would have had to change it? because i think as you anddi discussed, the humor was not the extent and as you pointed out they provided this. what has anged? >> the republicans -- you can't name them. neil: chris christie. >> well, denni miller was a comedian and he was very funny. >> i love him. i love him because he makes me look thin. neil: there you go. what is going on here? there could be frustration over scandals, frustration that blew
11:51 pm
him off the road. what is going on with this and it has to be something that you were looking out and saying that things have changed. >> anthony wiener is funn. they will run out of those votes pretty soon. >> i don't think they can never run out of those jokes ever. >> to go on both sides. the bright shining moment in human right now is last night on the daily show. did you see john oliver? >> yes. neil: he enjoyed you and he appreciated you. i was advocating at the kids should not pass up that opportunity. especially when was talking about communities that extend
11:52 pm
that to include minimum wage and that was not the case. >> he was very respectful to you and he pointed out the fact that you had talked about startg in the fast food industry that $2 per hour and he had fun with you. >> anyway, are you aan? >> i am. >> do you think that things will change? you and richard nixon everyone was fair game and it was a lot of fun. it was like you had no idea that anyone was beyond us.
11:53 pm
and now it is news when it seems like, okay, democrats are finally geting this. >> they gave it to bush pretty good. i knew that you are hopelessly communist, but you were fair and balanced. [laughter] >> and i admire that. >> wait aminute now it is a big development. you want know that that is true. neil: but now you try to cover it by doing what you just said you're going to do. but now is a big deal if they do something to change that.
11:54 pm
>> who is a? neil: media and comics today. >> welcome i am here to help you. >> i am not goin to do that. because i love you too much. and i will treasure the fact that you are an icon in this business. >> neil cavuto, pepperdine is creating this comedy library.
11:55 pm
you have a sense of humor and witty humor today. the comments bring new subject matter they are on the way and we look forward to that. >> it's going to be good and i have a book coming up about it. >> i really love coming on here. >> you are a bright glimmer of hope. you are a beacon.
11:56 pm
>> give you my love and we will keep going. keep going. >> this is great [ male announcer ] these days, a small business casave by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick herp. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, 're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyons in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ ma announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ at&t mobile share for business. a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less.
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only flood insurance cove floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. we had talked about at the start of the show. what do you think? >> welcome i would hope not, but i tink again whe you see this willingness to try to address this, we need to create an economic environment. >> we have the highest corporate
11:59 pm
tax rate in the world. i don't want to do is work untrammeled in a microcosm and what is happening there. the good thing about looking at the city's is that itis a crocosm for the united states. >> i am just going to make clear about this. >> if you wantto live with the budget deficit, then we have this spending. >> i just don't think that we are serious. >> we end up arguing which is frustrating. it is about thepolitical points as opposed to creating this environment.
12:00 am
neil: i wish we had more time. it didn't to melissa francis with money next. ♪ melissa: i'm melissa francis, and here's what's "money" tonight. hello first class. t blue is bringing premium suites, not seats, the cross-country flights. will it turn from quality to a lack of luxury? will this turn off customers? the ceo joins us. plus, alex rodriguez is suspended for 211 games. he is not off the field yet. his appeal could be a financial grand slam for major league baseball. wait until you hear why. and who has made "money" today? believe it or not, these investors have president obama the bank. you have to stay tuned to find out who they are. even when they say it's not, it's aays about "money

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